Homeworkers Testimonials

The feedback from our homeworkers speaks volumes, here are a few testimonials.

I have been a homeworker for the ‘Your Holiday Booking’ group of companies for nearly 20 years and have found their commercial deals with tour operators to be exceptional.

They also have a great administration and management team who work incredibly hard to ensure that any problems are dealt with immediately.

I have been lucky enough to attend Company Conferences all over the world and have greatly expanded my travel knowledge through these trips. In addition to conferences I have joined FAM trips to Dubai, Mauritius, Spain, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Northern Cyprus, Dublin, Venice, Amsterdam, Cairns, Kos......and a few that I can’t remember......what a fantastic industry we work in!
Neil Smith

I have been a previous homeworker for other companies and I have to say our administration team is the best I have ever experienced. They are on top of their game regarding confirmations, tickets etc., Anything I ask is no trouble, when away on holiday I am confident my Clients will be dealt with in a professional manner. I trust them completely.
Hazel Hatherley

Vertical Travel Group Homeworker Testimonials

I have worked in the Travel Industry for over 20 years, however working for Holiday Elite these last 6 years has been an absolute pleasure.

It’s a wonderful family business with a personal touch and offers support that is first rate giving me a great work/life balance which is essential when working from home.

The technology I use is very quick and easy, making quotations fast and accurate. Holiday Elite have fantastic marketing support and are up to date on all areas including facebook, twitter, google and many more. Whatever you need they are always there to listen and ensure they help you take your ideas forward. Nothing is ever too much trouble. The Company work hard to ensure that all my hard work is rewarded and that has given me the motivation and confidence to increase my earnings year on year.
Louisa Baughan

We have been using Bedbank for lots of our accommodation and Transfers4Travel for lots of our customers transfer bookings for various destinations all over the globe. I find that there is never a problem and the bookings that we make are always straight forward and easy. On the rare occasion that we have had to contact the operator, we have always been dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. I would highly recommend Bedbank and Transfers4Travel to any dynamically packaging travel agent.
Simon Taylor

I am based in Lanzarote and love the flexibility homeworking brings, working in the UK or Overseas – it works…!

I enjoy travelling to discover new places, for me the perfect holiday is staying in a location for 1-3 days then moving on. I love to travel like a local, seeking out the real destination, not just the tourist resorts. My experiences on my own holidays are passed onto my clients, which sometimes inspires them to booking similar holidays.

In 2014 I completed my first Ironman event, swimming 3.8km, cycling 180km then running a marathon of 42km to cross the finish line within 17 hours. At the time of making the decision to become an Ironman, I was just an average swimmer, who didn’t own a bike and hated running! It was quite a challenge and I learned that if I put my mind to something, I can do it.

I’m also a foodie, I love discovering new restaurants, my other hobbies include photography and social media.

As you can see homeworking gives me the perfect work life balance, come and join me!
Julie Cliffe-Jones

I like to do most of my own admin, but that said I still have to receive documents that can only be emailed to admin by various companies. But of course admin isn’t just about bookings coming in. There are many times when I have cost queries and to this end I don’t think I could do my own job well enough without Lou Taylor, nothing phases her always willing to help where she can and when she can.

Jacqui in admin is also exceptional and is Jenni, as know from the previous homeworking company, my main bug bear was always the admin, now I am the one that gets chased and not me constantly having to chase and correct admin.

It is a major role in any company but in homeworking where paper work does not come direct to you but to a head office which, you work nowhere near nor need to) with a good admin team behind you. So to sum up in a few words…………

Excellent admin support from a very knowledgeable and thorough team ,one of the main reasons for moving to YHB from my previous homeworking company was the admin and it has proved its worth.
Sue Sexton

The Admin Team are totally reliable and extremely helpful. They're very organised and accurate making sure all details and documents are correct. I love the way they're very personal too, I feel like they're my own personal admin team. If I had to pinpoint the biggest improvement on my previous homeworking company it would be the Admin Team.
Janet Sprigg

They are a breath of fresh air. Always interested in your clients and the homeworkers, they all care deeply that they get things right and never send anything out without checking with homeworkers if unsure. They have saved me a few times and I know if I slip up when loading a booking they will see the error likewise when checking confs.

I moved to yhb, because partly of poor admin and have never regretted it, I can't praise the admin team enough, I know I can go away and trust them with my clients.
Marion Sutton

I have always found the admin team to be most helpful and feel they are on our side rather than pulling against us. They are very efficient and proactive, very rarely the need to chase for things to be done.
Jacqui Wieksza

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for giving me the opportunity to work with the lovely team at Vertical Travel Group.

They have welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. The support and guidance I have received from my colleagues have been invaluable in helping me settle into my new role.

I am impressed by the professionalism and dedication of everyone, and I am eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to the company's success. I am confident that with this team's support, I will be able to grow both professionally and personally. I am thrilled to be a part of this family and excited to embark on this journey together.
Jing Tie