About The Vertical Travel Group

Vertical Travel Group comprises a successful portfolio of travel businesses including award-winning Travel Technology, a Homeworking Division with four flagship brands, Tour Operation and Travel Retail all under one roof. Together with dedicated Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Customer Service and Administration Support, we provide the perfect recipe for success.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect holiday or have been thinking about setting up your business from home, the Vertical Travel Group delivers on both accounts.

We handpick our Hotel partners and commercial deals carefully and are privileged to work with more than 300 suppliers which include preferred partnerships with extraordinary Luxury Resorts across the Mediterranean such as SANI and IKOS to top rated properties in the Canary Islands, Crete and Cyprus.

Our passion for the Travel industry today is stronger than ever. Each and every business within the Vertical Travel Group remains an innovative competitive force. We are constantly enhancing our products, services and offerings to stay ahead with powerful online distribution and promotion ensuring Vertical’s evolution continues for years to come.

For more than three decades, CEO of the Vertical Travel Group Peter Healey has been a prominent figure in the world of travel as the founder of Future, Freedom Travel and the Homeworking concept but also as the brainchild behind Vertical Systems, one of the most established travel tech companies and creator of TARSC.

"Since its early inception in 1981 with Vertical Systems, the business has continued to grow both in product diversity and entering new sectors in our industry.

Today we have an extensive portfolio of businesses that are well-managed, profitable and all complimentary to each other. Our next phase of growth will come from the expansion of our homeworking network, where we know our strategic approach and agents support will attract new members the Vertical Travel Group.

We believe we offer one of the best homeworking solutions in the market and we even give you a choice of products to match your skills! It's important to know that whilst I am confident of our success, I can guarantee that we will never grow to the extent whereby our values and ethics are compromised.

As the originator of Viewdata and TARSC, the Founder of Freedom Travel Consortium, Director of Future Travel, and now my Vertical Travel Group portfolio, I hope you'll see we are here for the longer term and that you'll want to be in our winning team.

My businesses are my passion; we all work hard but you will reap real rewards and we will have fun along the way!"

Peter HealeyGroup CEO, Vertical Travel Group
Vertical Travel Group, CEO Peter Healey